Diane Warren Reveals Cher's Reaction to 'If I Could Turn Back Time': 'F--- You, Bitch!'


Although it seemed like most audience members at Cher's July 7 Staples Center show on her Dressed 2 Kill tour were singing along, one, Diane Warren, actually wrote many of the hits.

Cher performed Warren's "If I Could Turn Back Time" and "Just Like Jesse James" (co-written with Desmond Child). Before the latter, Warren heard Cher give her usual disclaimer of never really liking it.

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"But she's got the wrong song!" Warren tells THR. "The song she really hated was 'If I Could Turn Back Time,' but I held her leg down during a session and said, 'You have to record it!' "

Cher's response, according to Warren? "F— you, bitch! You're hurting my leg! OK, I'll try it." Once Cher sang it, "She gave me this look like, 'You were right.' "

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Meanwhile, "If you look at Cher's song history, she's not always the best judge of her own material. I mean, she hated 'I Got You Babe.' "

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