5 Seconds of Summer Tease Harry Styles' Nude Prank

Charlie Gray
 5 Seconds of Summer photographed by Charlie Gray March 21st at the Australian High Commission in London. 

The One Direction openers explain that Harry Styles is a master prankster

Well, this marks a nice change from boy band wars.

New band of teens' hearts 5 Seconds of Summer were interviewed by MTV about their tour mates, a little band that call themselves One Direction. Naturally, the interviewer wanted some Harry Styles scoop. And Ashton Irwin helpfully obliged, sharing that there was a lot less nudity on the tour this time around. (5 Seconds of Summer were the opening act for One Direction's last tour as well.)

HOLD UP. Does this mean at one point there was nudity? This was not on the "This Is Us" concert DVD. 

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Allow the 5SOS guys to explain the naked prank -- and why there will never be a 5SOS/One Direction collaboration -- below: