Four Year Strong Prepare to 'Go Down in History' With New EP Premiere: Listen

Four Year Strong
Pure Noise Records

After a label change, lineup switch and three-year break, breakdown-happy punks Four Year Strong are back with a new EP that Billboard is excited to stream a day ahead of its release date.

"These are definitely some of the most riffy songs we've ever written," guitarist/vocalist Dan O'Connor says. "The songs are super fun to play and listen to. These songs were written for the live set and I can't wait to play them."

Four Year Strong have been playing these songs on the Warped Tour all summer (and will continue to through Aug. 3). But before "Go Down in History" drops tomorrow on Pure Noise Records, you can stream it below in its entirety:

The Massachusetts-based band released its last LP -- 2011's "In Some Way, Shape or Form" -- through the Republic imprint Motown. But afterward, the band was forced to into the parent company, away from the staff that had signed them in the first place. After leaving the major label game, the members of FYS took time off to be with their families and let the next writing session come about organically.

Produced by Machine, the songs on "Go Down in History" are the first in the Four Year Strong catalog to be written simply from jam sessions. Still, they pack the crunchy, chugging breakdowns and charismatic choruses of the group's past.

Says O'Connor, "We just got in a room and let everything flow naturally. It felt like there was a new energy back in our playing."