Unsigned Act Wins Christian Radio Support

Dallas, Texas-based Iconoclast is soaring up the charts with its single, "Walk on In," which debuted Sept. 3 at No. 38 on Billboard's Hot Christian Songs. After just three weeks, the track -- which is the lead single from the band's self-released album, "Burn Your Bridges" -- is already at No. 18 on the tally.

After forming in early 2004, the group -- comprised of vocalist Mike McCallum, bassist Skyler Seamans, drummer Chad Ford and guitarist Jordan Martin -- won radio station KLTY Dallas' Rising Star contest. This past summer, Iconoclast got yet another boost when it opened the station's Christian music festival Celebrate Freedom.

All four band members cite U2 as their biggest influence, and Seamans adds, "Our sound is very melodic. We like to describe it as the Goo Goo Dolls have a jam session with [U2 guitarist] the Edge, with a little violin thrown in.

"The single's success came as a complete surprise to us," he continues. "KLTY took a chance with us, and it really took off down here. From there it's just been spreading throughout the country. We've started to embrace that success and are trying to push it along a little further."

Although the band has not had any serious label offers yet, the success of the single will likely find them pouring in soon.

According to Seamans, the band isn't necessarily looking to sign with a Christian label, though. "We believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to each path," he says. "If you work hard enough you can achieve similar results" at either type of label.

Although so far Iconoclast has primarily performed at faith-based events, Seamans notes that "like any other Christian artist" the band hopes its music and ideals will reach a wider audience.

"A lot of our new material was written specifically to appeal to [a Christian audience]," he says. "We have a lot of really upward songs, but there are a few thrown in that are pretty broad in terms of lyrics and mainstream appeal. We thought it'd be a good stepping stone to the next place in our career."

Iconoclast will hit the road soon for a tour of its major radio markets.

Artist site: www.iconoclasttheband.com