Remembering Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow … on ‘Real Housewives of Orange County?’

Terry Dubrow, brother of the late “Bang Your Head” rocker, keeps his memory alive with the help of reality TV.

A recent episode of Bravo’s "Real Housewives of Orange County" featured one real-life househusband bragging not about fancy cars or expensive houses but Billboard chart positions, of all things.

Terry Dubrow, whose wife Heather stars in the season 8 edition, is the brother of Quiet Riot singer Kevin Dubrow, who died of an overdose in 2007. Now a plastic surgeon with his own jaw-dropping reality show, E!’s "Botched" (moving to the post-"Kardashian" 10 p.m. slot on June 29), co-starring Paul Nassif, a househusband formerly of the "Beverly Hills" edition, Dubrow keeps his late siblings’s memory alive by displaying rows of platinum albums in his tony Newport Beach home and speaking of him as often as he can. "I will never forget the day I came home from med school at UCLA and there was a message from my mom [saying], "Your brother’s album is No. 1," Dubrow recalls. "No. 2 was “Thriller” and No. 3 was Lionel Richie. It was huge."

Growing up, the two siblings were close. As Terry Dubrow recalls: "We lived in a two bedroom apartment and I shared a room with Kevin, who was three years older than me. I had a little desk where I would be studying my mathematics and there were pictures of Roger Daltrey, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. … He had a drum set in there."

Upon Dubrow’s death — he was found dead in his Las Vegas Home on Nov. 25, 2007 at the age of 52 — his brother and mother gathered his possessions and that was when Terry Dubrow decided to bring the platinum records home. "We thought we would display them prominently in our house in his memory and his honor," says Dubrow. "It is something we hold in high regard. It’s great that they know that my four children know their uncle was a big time rock star."

Even after decades of chanting "Bang Your Head," Dubrow insists his older bro "didn’t need plastic surgery" — as for the unfortunate ones who come to "Botched" asking to look like Justin Bieber? "It’s a cautionary tale," he says.

Curiously, Dubrow isn’t the only "Real Housewives" alum with a music business connection: Lisa Vanderpump, of Beverly Hills fame, starred in the video for ABC’s 1985 hit, "Poison Arrow," while David Foster’s wife, Yolonda, is also featured on the Beverly Hills edition. But Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss, a Grammy winning songwriter with credits on TLC’s hit “No Scubs” and Destiny’s Child’s "Bills, Bills, Bills," takes top prize: her wedding special drew 2.6 million viewers to Bravo on June 22.