Windham Hill Celebrates 30 With Box

Windham Hill Records will celebrate its 30th birthday with the upcoming boxed set "A Quiet Revolution."

Windham Hill Records will celebrate its 30th birthday with the upcoming boxed set "A Quiet Revolution." The four-disc set is due Nov. 8 via Sony Legacy and is split into the themes "Elements," "Peace," "Artistry" and "Excursions." It will also feature previously unreleased live recordings from Alex DeGrassi, Barbara Higbie, Jim Brickman and David Arkenstone.

The package is rounded out by a 40-page booklet with an essay from label founder Will Ackerman, whose 1976 album "In Search of the Turtle's Navel" was Windham Hill's first release.

"I went into Montrose Studio in San Mateo [Calif.] in 1975 with $300 in borrowed $5 bills," Ackerman recalled to last September. "I didn't have money or any experience. Really the sole objective was to get the notes in the right place. What made the pieces work was that, thank God, they were good pieces."

As expected, "A Quiet Revolution" features some of Windham Hill's most indelible recordings, including Ackerman's album-opening "The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter," Michael Hedges' "Aerial Boundaries," Philip Aaberg's "Out of the Frame," George Winston's "Moon" and Liz Story's "Wedding Rain."

In its heyday, Windham Hill was constantly releasing new albums from its key artists. Is there anything of note still remaining in the vaults?

"In all honesty, there probably is not a lot," Ackerman said. "Without question there are tapes that have pieces that didn't make it to George Winston or Michael Hedges records. Does that exist? Yes. Where does it exist? I sure as hell don't know, and I would suspect BMG doesn't know."

Here is the track list for "A Quiet Revolution":

Disc 1 -- "Elements"
"Tbe Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter," Will Ackerman
"Wedding Rain," Liz Story
"Dolphins," Mike Marshall and Darol Anger
"Aerial Boundaries," Michael Hedges"
"Cloudy This Morning," George Winston
"The 19A," Billy Oskay and Michael O Dombnaill
"Western," Alex DeGrassi
"O, Shenandoah," Philip Aaberg
"Flowers of Edinburgh," Pete Huttlinger
"Another Country," Shadowfax
"The Road Back Home," Doyle Dykes
"After the Harvest," Angles of Venice
"Inverness," Alex DeGrassi (previously unreleased)
"Callisto's Sky," Tracy Silver and Thea Suits Silverman
"Moon," George Winston
"Night in That Land," Nightnoise
"Three Observations of One Ocean," Will Ackerman

Disc 2 -- "Peace":
"Sanctus," Tim Story
"True Story," Barbara Higbie (previously unreleased)
"Gwenlaise," Scott Cossu and Eugene Friesen
"The Light and the Longing," Lisa Lynne
"Reflection," George Winston
"When I Was 4," Michael Hedges
"Open Doors," Jim Brickman (previously unreleased)
"Peace of Mind," Schonerz & Scott
"Engravings," Ira Stein and Russel Walder
"Visiting," Will Ackerman
"Hugh," Nightnoise
"Love Song to a Ballerina," George Winston
"Calling You," Joan Jeanrenaud and Paul McCandless
"All I Ever Wanted," Jim Brickman
"Andante From Sonata #2 in A Minor for Unaccompanied Violin," Chris Botti
"Peace Piece," Liz Story

Disc 3 -- "Artistry":
"Angela Smiled," W.G. Snuffy Walden
"Silky Flanks," Nightnoise
"Escape of the Circus Ponies," Liz Story
"Because It's There," Michael Hedges
"Tideline," Darol Anger and Barbara Higbie
"Welcoming," Michael Manring
"Billy in the Low Land," George Winston
"Clockwork," Alex DeGrassi
"Fionnghuala (Mouth Music)," Nightnoise
"The Townshend Shuffle," Will Ackerman
"The Orangutan Gang (Strikes Back)," Shadowfax
"Rickover's Dream," Michael Hedges
"Out of the Frame," Philip Aaberg
"Europa," Tuck Andress
"Tamarack Pines," George Winston
"On the Threshold of Liberty," Mark Isham

Disc 4 -- "Excursions":

"(You'll Be) Satisfied," the subdudes
"Time After Time," Tuck & Patti
"Valentine," Jim Brickman featuring Martina McBride
"Real Life," Ray Obiedo
"Who Holds Your Hand," Patty Larkin
"Houses in the Fields," John Gorka
"Follow Me," Jane Siberry
"Po Mahina," Keola Beamer
"On the Dark Side of Town," Janis Ian
"Vaquinha Mansa," Cesaria Evora
"Turning to Peace," Paul Schwartz
"Pavane." Steve Erquiaga
"Hush Li'l Baby," Jim Brickman featuring Carly Simon
"That Kind of Man," the Nylons
"Hannibal's Revenge," Andy Narell
"Desert Crossing," David Arkenstone (previously unreleased)
"Fever Trees," Bobby McFerrin
"Takes My Breath Away," Tuck & Patti