Fred Bronson reports on the latest chart accomplishments of George Jones, Paul McCartney, B.B. King, Weezer, Genesis and Trisha Yearwood.

GEORGE'S GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY: By the next decade, it will be commonplace for rock artists to celebrate their 50th anniversary on the Billboard charts. Any artist who first appeared on a Billboard chart in the 1960s who charts in the 2010s will be able to claim a golden anniversary.

For the moment, that honor is reserved for a select few, including an artist from Saratoga, Texas, who reaches the 50-year mark this week with the debut of "Hits I Missed... And One I Didn't" (Bandit). George Jones' latest CD debuts at No. 13 on the Top Country Albums chart, 50 years to the month after he entered the country singles chart in October 1955 with "Why Baby Why."

"Hits I Missed" is Jones' highest-charting album since "The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001" peaked at No. 5 on the country list in October 2001. Since Jones appeared on the very first country albums chart, published the week of Jan. 11, 1964, he has the longest chart span possible: 41 years, eight months and three weeks. On The Billboard 200, "Hits I Missed" opens at No. 79, making it Jones' highest-charting album on this survey since "The Rock" topped out at No. 65.

TALL PAUL: Since 1983, Paul McCartney has only had four albums reach the top 10 of The Billboard 200. The former Beatle's fourth top 10 album of the last 22 years is "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" (Capitol), which bows this week at No. 6.

"Chaos" is the first McCartney album to chart in almost three years, since "Back in the U.S. Live 2002" went to No. 8 in December 2002. "Chaos" is McCartney's highest-charting CD since "Wingspan: Hits and History" reached the runner-up spot in May 2001. "Chaos" is McCartney's highest-charting album of new studio recordings since "Flaming Pie" peaked at No. 2 in June 1997.

Counting all of his work with the Beatles and Wings and on his own, "Chaos" is McCartney's 45th top 10 album and his 76th chart album (43 with the Beatles and 33 released post-Beatles). As a solo act, his album chart span is 35 years, four months and three weeks, counting back to the debut of "McCartney" in May 1970. His career album chart span expands to 41 years and eight months, dating back to the February 1964 debut of "Meet the Beatles!"

OCTOGENERIAN: B.B. King achieved legendary status long before he celebrated his 80th birthday on Sept. 16. This week he gets a double present, with the debut of two CDs on Billboard's Top Blues Albums chart. "B.B. King & Friends: 80" (Geffen/Chronicles) opens at No. 1, making it King's sixth chart-topping set on the tally. Meanwhile, "Original Greatest Hits" (Virgin) joins the list at No. 15.

On The Billboard 200, "B.B. King & Friends: 80" is a new entry at No. 45, making it King's highest-charting solo set since 1971, when "Live in Cook County Jail" went to No. 25. Two collaborative efforts have charted higher than No. 45: "Together for the First Timeā€¦Live" with Bobby Bland reached No. 43 in 1975 and "Riding With the King," recorded with Eric Clapton, peaked at No. 3 in 2000.

King's album chart span stretches to 36 years, 11 months and three weeks, harking back to the October 1968 debut of "Lucille."

HIGH-RENT DISTRICT: Weezer's "Beverly Hills" (Geffen) is just one rung away from a very elite neighborhood, the top 10 of The Billboard Hot 100. It's been a long, slow journey for the band's biggest hit to date. The song debuted at No. 25 the week of April 16 and surged to No. 13 the following week. It has taken 23 weeks for the song to move up just two more places, to No. 11.

The journey found "Beverly Hills" tumbling in its third chart week, down to No. 29. The song eventually dipped as low as No. 53 before beginning a rebound that found it stuck between No. 20 and No. 23 for 11 consecutive weeks before reaching the teens. If "Beverly Hills" can move up even one rung next week, it will reach the top 10 in its 26th week on the Hot 100.

GENESIS' REVELATION: Eighteen Genesis albums charted in the 1973-1999 period. Although the group never had a top 10 album in the '70s, a run of five consecutive top 10 albums began in 1980 and continued through 1991. Now, Genesis has its first chart entry of the 21st century. "Platinum Collection" (Atlantic/Rhino) debuts on The Billboard 200 at No. 100. The three-CD set includes tracks from the Peter Gabriel era as well as the pop hits fronted by Phil Collins.

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEARWOOD: Trisha Yearwood's 11th chart entry on The Billboard 200 equals her highest previous position on this tally. "Jasper County" (MCA) bows at No. 4, matching the peak of "(Songbook) A Collection of Hits" in September 1997.

"Collection" and "County" are Yearwood's only albums to reach the top 10 of The Billboard 200.