Meat Puppets' Kirkwood Branches Out On 'Snow'

Since 2000, singer/guitarist Curt Kirkwood has been spotted in three different bands.

Since 2000, singer/guitarist Curt Kirkwood has been spotted in three different bands: a new version of the Meat Puppets, Eyes Adrift (which also included ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and ex-Sublime drummer Bug Gaugh) and Volcano (another project with Gaugh). With all three groups now removed from his daily planner, Kirkwood will on Tuesday (Oct. 4) release his first solo outing, "Snow."

Kirkwood's relationship with "Snow" producer Pete Anderson stretches back to 1991, when Anderson worked with the Pups on their major-label debut, "Forbidden Places." "I went to see Pete play live with Moot Davis," Kirkwood tells "Afterwards, we went out, had a bite to eat, and started talking. He brought up doing an album, and it just kind of went from there. It sounded like a good idea because I've been trying to do a solo thing for a couple of years now." In addition to producing "Snow," Anderson also issued the album via his own label, Little Dog.

Kirkwood admits the almost entirely acoustic "Snow" was unlike his work with the Meat Puppets. "It was pretty significantly different," he says. "I cut all the tracks by myself -- the guitar and vocals -- and then we would go and add stuff around it. With the Meat Puppets, we always had stuff worked out. We'd come in and do a 'band track' all the way through, catch a good one and then work from that. This was more just working off what I would do solo acoustic."

Playing Anderson's acoustic guitars instead of his own was an eye opener for Kirkwood. "I've cut a few acoustic tracks here and there on a record, and I've done plenty of shows, but to actually just play that much acoustic was a little more challenging for my hands than I thought it would be," he says. "There's times that I was pretty frustrated, felt like I was just getting started. Other than that though, the rest of it was kind of similar. Recording, that's what makes it fun, that you can always stop and look at what you're doing."

As far as touring commitments, Kirkwood plans on starting with west coast dates, before hitting the rest of the country early next year. "Right now, I think I'm just going to do it solo to begin with, and [I'm] still kind of mulling over putting a band together for it or not," he says. "I like playing the solo shows. But then after the album was done, I was thinking it would be cool to try and recreate this live, too."

Lastly, Kirkwood offers a brief update on his troubled brother/ex-Meat Puppets bassist Cris, who was sentenced to 21 months in prison in August 2004 for assaulting a Phoenix security guard. "I know he's out -- he's been out for a while," he says. "From what I understand, he's doing good."