Cowboy Troy

'Sup Kinfolk? You are about to join in on a behind the scenes look at what I do as an artist, a friend and business man.

'Sup Kinfolk? You are about to join in on a behind the scenes look at what I do as an artist, a friend and business man. Over the next few weeks and subsequently months I will provide you with a hick's-eye-view of what it is like to roll with the Big & Rich and the MuzikMafia.

I am currently on tour with Big & Rich the dynamic duo of country muzik. They're style of muzik in my estimation is most easily summed up as "y'all-ternative rawk." Oh, but yes I did... keep reading, please don't interrupt me. We've been on tour all summer long and currently find ourselves in the midst of the Deuces Wild Tour (Brooks & Dunn, Big & Rich and the Warren Brothers). I along with Two Foot Fred are the eyes and ears of the B&R crew. No dude, this is not musical espionage, I'm just trying to make my life and my involvement appear more important than it truly is.

We've just completed a run that took us to Holmdel, N.J., Hershey, Pa., and Boston. The show in Holmdel was cool because we had never played that area and we were greeted by fans from Jersey and New York as well. Do you know that feeling you get when you discovered the code to beat your favorite video game? Imagine that feeling every night; every show. The fans were so cool we had an awesome show. They knew all the words to just about every song. The tripped out part is when we started to play "I Play Chicken With the Train." When I come out on stage I emerge from this pod of sorts (sci-fi 101) and amidst the pro wrestling pyro and roar of the crowd I proceed to rip... yes, rip. Sounds easy to many... I invite you to try. Between "Save a Horse" and "Rollin," a large ruckus is released, which has a tendency to leave audiences wanting more. We are fortunate to have a loyal fan base.

Hershey, Pa., was a nice show with rowdy fans. From start to finish, they stuck with us and were on their feet for the whole show. It was quite a similar experience. Occasionally I am fortunate enough to have a CD signing at the venue. Hershey was a lot like the one I did in Pittsburgh... over a hundred Hick-Hop Federales stopped by to say hello and I'm grateful because you really can't understand the impact of your music until someone comes up to you face-to-face.

All our peeps in BeanTown represented to the utmost, as well. Just flat out off the charts. Can't wait to get back there. Just so you know, you deserve to be entertained, and you shall be. Keep it locked here.

I AM Cowboy Troy... And I AM Hick-Hop