Alt-J Samples Miley Cyrus on 'Hunger Of The Pine': Listen

Gabriel Green


Alt-J has previewed its hotly anticipated second album, "This Is All Yours," with a song that samples… Miley Cyrus! Listen to "Hunger of the Pine," which premiered on Wednesday (June 18), below:

The Cyrus song that the British indie rockers nicked is "4x4," a non-single track from last year's "Bangerz" album; Alt-J sample the pop superstar singing the line "I'm a female rebel" on the track (sadly, they do not sample Nelly's verse from the same song). "Hunger Of The Pine" aims for an ethereal, "Spirit Of Eden" vibe, with Joe Newman sullenly crooning, "Sleeplessly embracing you/Realization grew on me, as quickly as it takes your hand/To warm the cool side of the pillow."

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The new track is "composed entirely of new and spontaneous ideas that arose during writing sessions for the second album," the group's Gus Unger-Hamilton tells NPR. "It was written very quickly using some guitar chords and sounds being layered on Ableton, and seemed to signal a bit of a new sound for us. The lyrics mainly suggest the idea that missing someone — pining — can be a physical pain much like hunger."

"This Is All Yours," the band's sophomore album, was announced earlier this month and is due out on Sept. 22. "An Awesome Wave," Alt-J's debut, "An Awesome Wave," won the U.K.'s Mercury Prize in 2012, and has sold 279,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.