OK Go Drops Illusion-Heavy Video for 'The Writing's On the Wall' (Watch)


The Writing's On the Wall

OK Go is back with a new music video and it's filled with tread--- nah, just kidding. The alt-rock quartet has been over the exercise theme for some time, though it seems they'll never put the "wacky music video" game to rest. Today the band shared the artsy companion piece to new song "The Writing's on the Wall."

Shot in a cavernous lot in Brooklyn, the video features the band frolicking through a real-life playpen of zany colors, patterns and optical illusions. Included are paintings from artists like the pattern-happy Felice Varini and "Blueprint 3" cover designer Dan Tobin-Smith.

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All the madness took nearly three weeks and 50 takes to nail down, but for a band with the music video history of OK Go, it all probably felt like just another day at the office.

Beneath it all is the new song, which finds its groove as a light and airy new wave breakup song with lines like, "I just wanna get you high, if it's the last thing we do together."

New album "Hungry Ghosts" is slated for an October release. Their last studio effort was 2010's "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky."