Foo Fighters Agree to Play Crowdfunded, Fan-Requested Richmond Show

Foo Fighters
Courtesy of RCA Records

Earlier this year, four Foo Fighters fans in Richmond, Virginia, noticed that their favorite band hadn't played in their hometown -- and frontman Dave Grohl's home state -- since 1998. Intent upon changing that, they decided to wage a campaign to bring them back.

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But what the quartet solicited wasn't signatures for a petition -- it was ticket sales. Using crowd-funding site Crowdtilt, the four -- Andrew Goldin, Brig White, John McAdorey, and Lucas Krost -- rallied Richmond residents to buy tickets to an as-yet imaginary show, figuring that a goal of $70,000 would successfully sell out a venue and pay the band if reached. As of today (Saturday), that goal has been met -- and the Foo Fighters themselves, who were previously unaware of the fundraising efforts, have made it known via Twitter that they've agreed to play the show.

"Well, well, well..." the band tweeted late last night, replying to the campaign's account. "See ya soon...let's have a good time."

The campaign, which accrued over $60,000 of its ticket "sales" in the past two months, was aided by $5,000 donations from local businesses like Sugar Shack Donuts and Brown's Volkswagen and advertised by local rock radio station XL102. If it hadn't been fully funded, or if the band themselves had turned down the request, the 515 backers, who paid $50 per ticket, would have had their payments returned in full. 

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"Let's say [the band] loves the idea and says, 'Holy shit, this is a great idea,' but rather than the 1,400 tickets, let's open it up to [outdoor venue] Brown's Island and sell 20,000 tickets," Goldin told Billboard back in April. "Nothing like this has ever been done before. We've sold [tickets] for a concert that doesn't exist yet."

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The venue and date of the show are yet to be determined.

The Foo Fighters have a history of appealing to their audience; in 2011, they played eight fans' garages on their tour in support of that year's "Wasting Light." The band has an HBO series coming up, too; "Sonic Highways" is an eight-episode docuseries Grohl calls "a musical map of America" that follows the multi-studio process of creating their forthcoming album, scheduled for a November release. Watch the original campaign video and that docuseries trailer below.

Correction appended, 14 June 2014, 9:10 p.m. EDT: A previous version of this story listed the crowdfunding platform as Crowdhoster; since the Richmond campaign launched, that company has since rebranded as open-API platform Crowdtilt.