Cowboy Troy

The Muzik Mafia returns to the road hitting arenas and clubs.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and now we are back on the road. The Muzik Mafia has been bringing the heat to arenas around the country. Soon coming to an arena near you.

Madison, Wisconsin, was great fun, but last night in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was off the meter!! We had such a great time there.

Another cool thing we've added to the American Revolution II Tour has been an after show club appearance. Many members of the MM will show up and play for a couple of hours at a local establishment after the concert is concluded. This is also an opportunity for you, the fans, to hear and also get a copy of the new Jon Nicholson album, "A Lil Sump'm Sump'm" You’ll enjoy it! YeeeeHawwww!!!!

We are in Green Bay tonight [Nov. 28] and preparing for another rockin' show. I understand there may be some winter weather concerns as far as trying to leave Green Bay after the show. But hey! We like it here. You deserve to be entertained... and you shall.

I AM Cowboy Troy and I AM Hick-Hop!!

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