Casey Kasem's Daughter Blasts His Wife: 'She Tortured Him'

Casey Kasem
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Casey Kasem during The Museum Of Television & Radio To Honor CBS News's Dan Rather And Friends Producing Team at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, United States.

Kerri Kasem accuses her stepmother of endangering the DJ's life, a charge Jean Kasem's attorney calls "fiction."

Casey Kasem's daughter Kerri says her father has suffered torment at the hands of his wife, Jean, and that his health is declining.

"She tortured him," Kerri Kasem tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Among her accusations: putting Ensure into Casey Kasem's feeding tube and not providing him with pain medication he desperately needed.

Casey Kasem is hospitalized in Gig Harbor, Wash., and while St. Joseph's Hospital spokesman Scott Thompson says Mr. Kasem's condition is stable, Kerri Kasem expects the worst, and blames her stepmother Jean, who has battled the family for about a year in court and in the press.

"I only hope that we can put our differences aside so when my dad opens his eyes and takes his last breath we're all there with him," says Kerri Kasem, who won a legal victory Friday, with her health conservatorship of her father upheld.

Jean Kasem's attorney Joel Paget tells THR, "[Kerri Kasem's] details are mixed with mostly fiction and some facts. Jean provided the best of care for her husband. The action now turns to California," where there will be a hearing Monday on Mr. Kasem's conservatorship. A June 20 court date is also slated.

Kerri Kasem says Jean Kasem misled the public about events to date on what her mother Linda Naylor calls "the Mr. Toad's wild ride that Jean took Casey on." Jean Kasem has described the trip  -- which led Kerri Casem to file a missing persons report for her father May 14 – as a family vacation from Los Angeles to Washington State.

But Kerri Kasem says they went to Las Vegas, Arizona, back to Las Vegas, and then to Washington. She says the trip began when Jean Kasem took her father out of Berkley East Hospital in Santa Monica because she and her sister had visited him after not being allowed to see him for five months.

"Jean took him from the place where he was safe, did not have any bedsores or infections, took him to the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, took him to Arizona, couldn't find a hideout, went back to Las Vegas, then found a friend who her parents knew back in the '60s in Guam and took him to Washington."

She says during that time, her father developed painful bedsores.

"When they arrived to Washington they had an ambulance take him to the house. The ambulance driver was so worried he called adult protective services on them," says Kerri Kasem.

She goes on to allege her father did "not have medication" and was "being fed through his feeding tube with Ensure." She says he "was in excruciating pain" when he arrived at the hospital in Washington, and that a doctor told her the DJ had a large ulcer and painful muscle contractures.

"My dad was moaning and crying, and for three weeks didn't have any pain medication. She tortured him for two and a half weeks," Kerri Kasem says. "This woman has hastened my father's death."

Kerri Kasem also denies Jean Kasem's accusations that she has borrowed money from Casey Kasem and wants to give his money to Scientology.

"I have studied many religions. She's going for the most controversial one and hoping it sticks," Kerri Kasem says. "I've never asked for money, never filed for the estate, only health care so we could see my dad."

But Kerri Kasem says that if her father does die soon, she intends for the entire family to be there.

"My dad is going to die with dignity and not in pain and with all his family around him, and if that means with Jean and Liberty, that means Jean and Liberty. If they want to be there with all of us they are very welcome. Because I know my dad would want that."

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