Chuck D Blasts Hot 97’s Summer Jam As ‘Sloppy Fiasco’ Of Hip Hop Culture

Public Enemy's Chuck D Files $100M Lawsuit Against Universal Music Group

Public Enemy's Chuck D Files $100M Lawsuit Against Universal Music Group

Chuck D is not a fan of Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

The outspoken Public Enemy founder has slammed the annual concert as a “sloppy fiasco” of hip hop culture, and he’s dished some choice words for its parent New York radio station and for program director and host Ebro Darden.

Chuck D kicked things off with a June 2 tweet: “The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop.” He signed off with the hashtag #culturalCrime.

A stream of tweets followed. The rapper had harsh words for the station, but he did defend Morning Show host Peter Rosenberg’s role. “It’s not @Rosenbergradio fault, trapped in a slave corp system that doesn’t 1. Support black businesses&art locally while using black faces. 2. Totally overlooks the blueprint of a culture bred in the same city, 3. Women are minimalized. @Rosenbergradio is simply watch the stable.”

The hip hop legend also gave his support to on-air DJ Funkmaster Flex (he “does his job”).

Chuck D's tirade didn't fall on deaf ears. Ebro chimed in: “True artists and activists have always complained about mainstream media & music… As they should! Good balance...” What followed was a back-and-forth.

If and when this all blows over, Chuck D’s remarks should be remembered for sparking another interesting conversation about radio and NYC hip hop. Though it’s certainly not for the first time Hot 97 has been in the firing line. New York MC Buckshot last year called Darden an “Uncle Tom” and claimed he “f--ked up” the city's hip hop scene.