Adult Swim's Single Series Features Giorgio Moroder, Future, Diarrhea Planet

Adult Swim Singles today announced its 2014 series, featuring a slate of artists new and old, including new tracks by legendary producer Giorgio Moroder, reformed stoner metal band Sleep and hip-hop artist Future, among others.

For the series' fifth season, which begins June 9 with Moroder's track, a new single will drop each week for 16 weeks, through Sept. 22. All tracks are new, exclusive and available for free either as a download or stream at, as well as on the Adult Swim Soundcloud and YouTube pages.  All the music will also be released through Adult Swim’s record label, Williams Street Records.

The curated series, sponsored in part by Microsoft’s Xbox One, features eclectic, often far-left-of-center artists, such as: Machinedrum, Oozing Wound, Tim Hecker, Diarrhea Planet and Mastodon, featuring the Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes.

When asked about the series' limited mainstream appeal, Jason DeMarco, VP of Adult Swim On-Air who oversees the series together, said that “Adult Swim has become a success by making great shows and putting out great work without worrying too much about what’s mainstream. For us, it’s more interesting to use the platform of Adult Swim to provide great music -- whether the artist is a known act, a 'name,' an up-and-comer, or a total unknown. The through line for me is that they are making great music. Our fans respond to that."

When asked which tracks are his favorite among equals, Demarco cites the new Moroder. "He's a lifelong idol,” he says. "He’s my Beatles -- and I never dreamed we would be able to meet him, much less that he would make his first track in many years for us!" The VP also expressed excitement about reuniting Sleep, a "seminal" band for him (and legions of stoner metal devotees), as well as Future, who he says is "one of my favorite artists currently working... he’s so hot right now I still can’t believe we were able to get a new track from him."

It would seem, much like major brands sponsoring recording studios or throwing free shows, Adult Swim's investment yields a rich dividend of cultural capital. "Music is a huge part of our DNA at Adult Swim, both in our shows, and in our On-Air packaging and promos," DeMarco says. "We realized that our fans enjoyed our taste in music, and that it helped to set us apart from our competition. We decided to work harder to provide free, original music because we're music nerds, and we love exposing artists to our audience, who have in turn let us know they love getting the music. We think Adult Swim can be more than just a channel, it can be a place that delivers quality art, music, and anything else we decide to focus on. That’s the mission."

At the end of the season, all tracks will be able for download.

Adult Swim Singles Schedule
June 9th - Giorgio Moroder
June 16th - Machinedrum
June 23rd - Destruction Unit
July 4th - Fatima Al-Qadiri
July 7th - Tim Hecker
July 14th - Speedy Ortiz
July 21st - Sleep
July 28th - Future (w/animated video)
August 4th - Diarrhea Planet
August 11th - Oozing Wound
August 18th - Captain Murphy
August 25th - Deafheaven
September 1st - RP Boo
September 8th - Mastodon Feat. Gibby Haynes
September 15th - Run The Jewels
September 22nd - KA