Steve Perry Joins Eels Onstage Again

Photo: Lisa Walker for the Lincoln Theatre

Steve Perry onstage with Eels at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C. Saturday, May 31, 2014. 

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry seems to be getting reacquainted to performing live, after joining indie rock band Eels in Washington, D.C. Saturday night — his second time performing with the band in a week. 

Perry popped onstage at Washignton’s Lincoln Theatre and sang, Eels’ “It's a Motherfucker”, Sam Cooke’s “Only Sixteen” segueing into Journey’s “Open Arms”, and closed with Journey’s “Loving Touching Squeezing”. 

Former Journey Frontman Steve Perry Returns to the Stage (Watch)

A week prior, Perry hadn’t performed infront of an audience in nearly 20 years. Joining Eels last weekend on May 25, frontman Mark Everett told the audience that Perry walked away from rock 'n' roll "because it didn't feel right," adding, "and for some reason only known to him, he feels like tonight in St. Paul, Minnesota, it feels right."

In an interview with Billboard following, Everett said, "I don't try to press Steve on anything. Our relationship is Steve does what Steve does. I would love to do more and I hope he will, but that's all up to him. This may be enough for him, and if this is the only time it ever happens, I'm just glad it happened. And in the meantime, I'm going to not stop believing."

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After talking to The Hollywood Reporter last year, revealing that he was writing for the first time in three years, Perry has been rumored to be working on a new album.