There's a trick to staying healthy on the road, and O.A.R. knows it... Aside from that, there have been some good shows, videogame dreams and a visit with Sheryl Crow.

We've just finished up a week of shows spanning from Texas to Colorado to Arizona and the extreme weather changes can sometimes make you sick, especially during flu season. Luckily we loaded up with Emergen-C before tour so hopefully we won't have to quarantine anyone to their bunks.

I'd have to say the highlight of the tour so far was our Denver show at the legendary Fillmore. We've played there three times previously and for the first time we sold it out. The crowd was ridiculously energetic and made us remember why we do what we do.

We were a bit bummed from the lack of ticket sales in Houston (and we blame the Astros... congratulations guys) especially since it was one of the first shows of the tour. Anyways, thank you Denver for pickin' us up!

So today [Oct. 25] we're in sunny San Diego, home of the legendary Ron Burgundy. There's a mall across the street from our hotel so Benj and I walked over to check it out. Kinda strange but the all the malls here are outdoors. I guess if D.C. was sunny and 70 year round we'd have open air malls too.

There happened to be an EB Games there so I pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto for PSP. That's been the latest craze on our bus (PSP). I bought the first one while we were recording in Charlottesville and everyone got hooked after that. Even our tour manager Joel bought one. Our ultimate goal was to play Tiger Woods wirelessly against each other from the comfort of our own bunks, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. There's way too much ADD floating around in our band.

We also got to see Sheryl Crow since she was in town playing the Copley Symphony Hall. We met her and her band a couple years ago while on our first big summer tour, the Jeep World Tour. We had a chance to say hello before her set and she's still sweet as can be. It was nice to see her play in a much smaller/more intimate venue. She even had a 14-piece string section led by the famous string arranger David Campbell (Beck's father). We didn't stay for her whole set but all the new material she was playing sounded great.

That's about it for this week. You'll be hearing more from us shortly...

Peace out,

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