Morrissey's First Tweet Gains Him 170,000 New Twitter Followers


When former Smiths frontman and indie-rock icon Morrissey tweeted for the first time Wednesday, he gained nearly 170,000 followers on the social network in 24 hours. 

Since June 2009, The Moz’s Twitter account had been stagnant. Even so, he already had more than 77,000 followers over that time. In a day, those followers almost tripled to 244,000

His first words came Wednesday and were retweeted nearly 18,000 times: 


Since, he has tweeted four more times and seems to be getting the hang of it, mixing off-the-cuff comments with sales pitches:


Morrissey is only following one account, his label Harvest Records. He is currently on tour in support of his upcoming album, "World Peace is None of Your Business", for which he released the title track Tuesday.