Phish Announces New Album 'Fuego'; Hear Song 'Waiting All Night'



Trey Anastasio and company are at it again. Jam rock legends Phish have announced plans for a brand new studio album titled "Fuego."

The ten-song collection will drop June 24 via JEMP. "Fuego" is the veteran band's 12th studio album to date and its first since 2009's "Joy." Below, check out the breezy grooves of a new song titled "Waiting All Night":

"Fuego" was produced by Bob Ezrin (Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd) and was recorded in several studios around the country, including the band's own space (named "The Barn") in Vermont.

According to a statement (via Rolling Stone) from drummer John Fishman, the band's studio sound on "Fuego" will echo how they play live. "For years, there's been a distinct difference between how we did things live and how we did them in the studio," he says. "But the way we go about things live, the way the musical ball is passed around, is now happening much more in the studio – not because we're trying to duplicate how we play on stage, just because this is how we operate as a band, period."

Phish will hit the road this summer, throughout July and August, touring the United States.

Check out the track listing from "Fuego":

1. "Fuego"
2. "The Line"
3. "Devotion to a Dream"
4. "Halfway to the Moon"
5. "Winterqueen"
6. "Sing Monica"
7. "555"
8. "Waiting All Night"
9. "Wombat"
10. "Wingsuit"