Cowboy Troy

Road whiplash is setting in, blurring one stop into the next and sleep is at a premium. 'Not complaining just explaining,' he says.


I have been running constantly. It feels as if we are having great fun everywhere we go, however, trying to remember the city we just left is hard two days later.

We had great fun in San Diego, but our show in Phoenix was nuts. I hadn't heard that kind of cheering and screaming since the district championship my senior year (overselling, I know). Seriously, it was way cool.

After that show we flew home for a couple of days rest which was hard to get because we had been on the left coast the entire month of Rocktober and we live in the central time zone. I tried to go to bed at 10:30 but my body thought it was 8:30. Now we are sitting in Atlanta and we'll lose another hour of sleep. Not complaining just explaining. We are about to rock out tonight here in Atlanta.

The Hick-Hop Federales were in force at the last couple of shows and were quite the rowdy bunch.

We are about to embark on the American Revolution II Tour with Big & Rich, "sista" Gretchen Wilson, Jon Nicholson, James Otto and me along with the rest of the MuzikMafia. That begins next week. You think you've seen a show? You'll see our kind of show when the tour kicks off. Hang on tight! You deserve to be entertained…and you shall.

Feel the rumble... always keep it hick!

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