The Spores

"When I write a song, there's generally a character in my mind," says The Spores' Molly McGuire. "It's generally a puppet."

Before launching the Spores, frontwoman Molly McGuire played bass on Queens Of The Stone Age's "Songs for the Deaf," and enjoyed a stint with former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator. So the fact that the Spores have an occasional metal-laced guitar riff is no surprise.

Yet McGuire is not cashing in on her rock'n'roll pedigree. Experimenting with studio mixing software Pro Tools, the techno-friendly rock trio dresses up its songs with electronic blips and dance-ready beats.

And then there are the puppets.

At Spores' performances, McGuire is wont to head to the side of the stage and put her hand puppets front and center. "I don't want it to be a gimmick," McGuire says. "It's just more an expression of where we're coming from. When I write a song, there's generally a character in my mind... It's generally a puppet."

The Spores' self-released full-length, "What Gives," has sold more than 600 copies since its release six months ago.