Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Gets Reality Show

Against Me!
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Against Me! performs at the Hype Hotel during SXSW in Austin, TX on March 12, 2014

The online series, via AOL, will tell the story of Grace's transition from male to female

Laura Jane Grace, singer/songwriter of the celebrated punk band Against Me!, came out as transgender in 2011, becoming one of that community's most visible and charismatic members. Now more will get to hear the story of Grace (formerly Tom Gabel), as she is the subject of a new AOL online reality show.

A trailer for the new show, titled "So Much More," was released this week. It's only two minutes long, though it hints at what the series has to offer -- Grace meeting and inspiring others in her community "at various points in their journeys," hanging out in record stores and of course, performing live.

"You build it up in your head beforehand, 'Should I transition or should I not?'" Grace says in the video. "And then you're like, 'Life is a transition. Everyone's in transition. That's just the way it is.' I'm not the person I was yesterday and I'm not the same as the person I'm gonna be tomorrow. I'm figuring it out just like anyone in the world."

Against Me! Singer Laura Jane Grace On
Gender Transition, Struggles & New Album

The premiere date and the number of episodes have not yet been announced.

AOL is launching 15 other new reality shows online this year, with James Franco, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Buscemi, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kevin Nealon as creators and/or subjects.

Against Me!'s 2014 album, "Transgender Dysphoria Blues," has been a window into Grace's journey over the past several years and one of the year's most acclaimed rock records so far.