Latin Grammys 2018


The band's frontman puts things in perspective. "We are alive, working, and surrounded by good people," he says. "Life is good."

I am sitting here in Ames, Iowa, in the dressing room of one of the most beautiful theatres I have seen. Listening to Ryan Adams' "Gold" record thinking how amazing it is a song can be as good as "La Cienega Just Smiled."

We have had quite a week. We taped appearances on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition," ["Last Call With] Carson Daly" and Current TV. Next week we are going to NYC to appear on "TRL." If you asked me two years ago if you would catch me at 1515 Broadway debuting a video on "Total Request Live," playing the theme song for a TV show and going on a late show that didn't know we existed all in the same week I would have chuckled and brushed off the question as some sort of knock on me.

To be honest, times have changed, and I can't wait to be on "TRL," I am proud to be a part of "Makeover" and am thankful to appear on Carson. A better question to ask me then would be "How would you like the chance to show millions of people what you got?" I would have smiled and asked where I could sign up.

We have gone through so many stages in this thing. From playing in the basement after school, to playing stages nationwide, to going back to the basement years later to try and find that special something we once had there. As in any lifestyle, things come around. People keep changing around us, but all I see are my best friends playing music for a living thanking the powers that be we are able to do so. Life is good.

Damn, Ryan Adams is good.

Over the course of the next month we will make our way back east and finish up the year with some holiday performances.

I am more thankful than ever to the soldiers who provide me with the rights to do what I do, say what I say, travel freely and even write my opinions in Billboard.

On to another CD... Agents Of Good Roots... that's a band. We have Toby Lightman and Michael Tolcher out on tour now and have to say that the crowd seems completely into these folks. What great singers they are. It's nice to add the female touch to a normally male dominated road. Everyone is on their best behavior.

You caught me on a good day. I am trying to think of a negative thing to talk about, but these days complaining seems like the last thing I should do. We are alive, working, and surrounded by good people. Life is good. Agents of Good Roots are great. Have a day.

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