Twiztid Plots New Label and Upcoming Album

Jason Shaltz

Twiztid members Jamie Madrox and Monoxide

The Detroit-based duo is establishing a new studio and rolling out its own label and roster of artists, probably this summer

Detroit's Twiztid has so much going on these days that it would scare even the horror-minded rap duo -- if it weren't so excited about what's coming.

During the past 16 months, the team of Jamie Madrox (nee Spaniolo) and Monoxide Child (Paul Methric) has released a pair of EPs, 2013's "A New Nightmare" and the brand new "Get Twiztid," as well as a mixtape, "4 the Fam Vol. 2," and has joined forces with Insane Clown Posse and Blaze Ya Dead Home for a new Dark Lotus project that will be released this summer. But Twiztid, which parted ways with ICP's Psychopathic Records at the end of 2012, is most excited about is establishing a new studio and rolling out its own label and roster of artists, probably this summer.

"We're gonna unleash (the label name) with the roster and everything -- probably fly some airplanes in the sky and jump out of them," Monoxide Child tells Billboard. "It's gonna be a big deal, right about summer, and who knows where this is gonna lead?" Monoxide Child says he and Madrox are currently putting together their corps of artists, which he promises will be impressive. "I know talent. I've known talent for a long time. There's a lot of people that I think need to be heard, so it'll be awesome to give other people a shot, just like Psycopathic gave us a shot. We're trying to do the same."

In fact, Monoxide Child says he's as excited about being as mogul as being an MC. "My true love is behind the scenes," he notes. "It's cool being on stage or whatnot, but finding talent, creating the next 20 years of music, that's what's in my head. So that's what we're doing now." Nevertheless, Twiztid's 10th full-length, a follow-up to 2012's "Abominationz," is also on the docket, though Monoxide Child says the duo has been waiting until all of its business machinations have been sorted out.

"We haven't started working on it as far as recording it, but we've plotted out what it's gonna be about, where we're gonna do it, what it's gonna sound like and the title of it," he says. "We finally have our own studio now. The EPs and mixtape are cool, but we're not bailing on doing (albums) either."

Monoxide Child says the wealth of projects is "stuff that should've been done years ago...all the stuff we didn't necessarily do on Psychopathic Records," but he makes clear that, as the upcoming Dark Lotus release indicates, there's no lingering discord between the parties.

"The people who are still saying there's beef, they just want there to be beef," Monoxide says. "We could take as many pictures together, do as many CDs together, and people will believe what they want to believe, no matter how many times you tell 'em (otherwise). And I get it. I totally understand it. It's a little like a divorce and the kids feel like they have to choose. But they don't. We're cool. And if someone liked Twiztid just because of the record label we were on, I guess it's time for them to move along. It means you just didn't get Twiztid to begin with, so quit wasting your time."