Framing Hanley,'The Sum of Who We Are': Exclusive Album Premiere

Framing Hanley
 Imagen Records

The new album was funded entirely by the band's fans through Kickstarter.

It wasn't easy, but Tennessee modern rockers Framing Hanley are back with a new album. The process took a fan-funded Kickstarter campaign and a search for a new label, but "The Sum of Who We Are" is finally here. Check out an exclusive stream of the album below:

For the quintet's third album (and first since 2010), the recording process was long, but ultimately satisfying. Framing Hanley enlisted multiple producers (Rick Beato, Brett Hestla, Jasen Rauch), searching for a varied collection of styles and textures.

"The recording of this album literally took years," frontman Kenneth Nixon says. "There were a lot of 'let's take this one back to the woodshed' moments on this album with some songs, but after all the time we spent recording it, it was well worth it because it led to our strongest album to date."

Framing Hanley knows it owes this album to its fans, more than anyone. "The Sum of Who We Are" was funded entirely by the band's fanbase through Kickstarter, as the band found itself without a label following 2010's "A Promise to Burn." Once they completed their most accomplished album to date, Framing Hanley found its home on Imagen Records (New Medicine, 3 Years Hollow, and Candlelight Red).

Nixon continues, "A personal favorite track on the album is 'Castaway.' It’s because I think it describes that wake up call we had during the making of this album where we were like. 'Ya know, we're five lucky guys to be able to call this a job.' I'm here until the fans stop wanting us to be here anymore. I'm going down with this ship."