Village People to Ban Clippers Use of 'YMCA' (Report)

The Village People with Victor Willis, second from right.

The Village People with Victor Willis, second from right.

Amidst Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s recent controversy sparked by minutes-worth of racist remarks allegedly made over a phone call with his girlfriend, Victor Willis of The Village People is saying he will ban the use of his hit song "Y.M.C.A." during Clippers games. 

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Willis made the statement on Twitter Sunday:


As TMZ reports, Willis’ rep says the songwriter is serious and will follow up with an official notice Monday prohibiting the Clippers’ use of the stadium fan favorite. 

Last September Willis won a copyright suit reclaiming the rights to 33 songs he wrote, including “Y.M.C.A.”. 

"I learned over the years that there are some awesome powers associated with copyright ownership,” he told the New York Times following the ruling. “You can stop somebody from performing your music if you want to, and I might object to some usages.”