Chrissy Amphlett’s ‘I Touch Myself’ Reworked for Breast Cancer Campaign: Watch

The late Chrissy Amphlett’s iconic song “I Touch Myself” is enjoying an all-star makeover for an Australian breast cancer awareness campaign.

The song, originally a hit in the early '90s for the rocker's band the Divinyls, has been covered by a cast of home-grown stars including breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John, ARIA female artist of the year winners Sarah Blasko and Megan Washington, Baby Animals singer Suze DeMarchi, and ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Little Pattie, who is Amphlett’s cousin.

Each of the 10 singers appear in a powerful black and white video which was commissioned by Cancer Council NSW and launched over the weekend. The charity has declared the song as the anthem for its #itouchmyselfproject, which has a dedicated Website at

The song “celebrates female sexuality like no other,” the charity notes in a statement. “Like Chrissy, it is bold, brave, and brassy. It rocked our world. And when Chrissy developed breast cancer, it was a song she wanted to become an anthem for spreading awareness about the importance of touching ourselves for early detection of the disease.” 

Amphlett died on April 21, 2013 at the age of 53. A mammogram and ultrasound failed to initially detect her cancer. It was only when she self-examined that she returned to the doctor to insist on a biopsy, which in 2010 revealed the cancer. 

Amphlett’s widower Charley Drayton spoke to the Sunday Telegraph ahead of the one-year anniversary of her passing. "She would have wanted us to be more in touch with ourselves and to listen to what's going on inside physically, and to be more in charge of our destiny and not wait for doctors or advisers to be in charge of us,” he said. 

The singers who came together for the new campaign, notes Cancer Council NSW, have done so “to make Chrissy's final wish a reality.”