Thanksgiving on the road, press in the big city and a nor'easterly heading.

Hey everybody... We're just finishing up week two of the Masters of Horror tour and the shows have been great. Packed houses and lots of people we haven't seen for awhile, so it's been a great trip back out on the road.

Thanksgiving had us in Peoria (Mudvayne's hometown) and then Indianapolis for the holiday weekend. Didn't have time to go home, but had a great time hanging with everyone on the tour. The show in Peoria was really off the hook and the Mudvayne fans treated us with the utmost respect. It was definitely a tour highlight.

Yesterday and today had the tour in NYC and after a full day of press, we're off to Portland, Maine, tonight (and seeing as how I live in Orlando, I'm not too sure how I feel about that). Should be REALLY cold, but the fans from there have always been the best.

Take care and we'll be checking back in soon. Later!!

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