Madonna Names Miley Cyrus a Guest Curator for Art for Freedom

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Madonna and Miley Cyrus twerk it up for MTV "Unplugged."

Madonna has named a high profile curator for her Art for Freedom project this coming month.

This week it was announced that Miley Cyrus will be a guest curator for Art for Freedom in the month of April. Together, the two pop singers will collaborate to choose the daily featured submission on the project's website.

"There has never been a more crucial time to participate and help create change in the world," Madonna said in a statement. "I’ve been so inspired by people’s submissions since we began and I welcome Miley’s input along with her fans to express themselves artistically and to share their creative ideas on the subject of human rights and freedom of speech.  Miley and I look forward to hearing your voices in the format of your choice throughout the month of April and onward."

Added Cyrus: "Art can speak volumes -- I’m glad to join Madonna in encouraging people to have their voices heard at It’s an ideal home to see how each of us can participate in changing the world for the better."

By the end of April, the duo will select a winning submission of those tendered in April and award a $10,000 grant to a nonprofit of the winner's choice.

Launched in September, Art for Freedom encourages artists to submit various forms of art -- pictures, photos, videos and the like -- that express their take on freedom. Katy Perry was the guest curator for the project in January.