'Orange is the New Black' Receiving Official Soundtrack

The female inmates are still stuck in prison, but the sounds of "Orange Is the New Black" are being readied for release.

"Music From the Original Series Orange Is the New Black" will be available on May 13, Universal Music Enterprises announced on Tuesday. The full track list includes the GRAMMY-nominated theme song, "You've Got Time," by Regina Spektor, as well as songs by Kelis, The Velvet Underground, Nico and more.

The soundtrack will come in three configurations: CD, digital and a special edition first-run in orange vinyl. Lionsgate Home Entertainment will also release the "Orange Is the New Black: Season One" Blu-ray and DVD on the same day.

Regina Spektor Gives Birth to Son

The upcoming offering follows the recent announcement that the theme song for the Jenji Kohan-created Netflix original series will be given the vinyl treatment on Record Store Day.

"I feel like it’s truly an inspired work," music supervisor Bruce Gilbert says of the Spektor song in a statement. "I loved this song when I first heard it, but I loved it even more once I got to hear and see how beautifully it impacted our main titles. There’s an immediate urgency to it that gives way to an emotion that breathes even more life into the stunning portraits of the prisoners."

See the full track list below:

1. You've Got Time -- Regina Spektor
2. Walkin Up The Road -- Betty Davis
3. Move And Groove Together -- Latimore
4. Gangsta -- TuneYards
5. I'll Take You There -- The Staple Singers
6. Milkshake -- Kelis
7. Walking Backwards -- Leagues
8. Kickface -- Little Foot Long Foot
9. Sunday Morning -- Velvet Underground
10. Living This Life Makes It Hard -- The Dutchess and The Duke
11. Chicken -- Nancy Cassidy
12. Baby Face -- Whispering Jack Smith

This article was first published by The Hollywood Reporter