Miranda Lambert

Fresno and San Diego are nice, but it's Las Vegas that gets turned on it's ear.

So where did I leave off last week? Oh yeah, I got to ride on a private jet to Nashville –- thanks to George Strait. After a couple days off, I woke up EARLY Thursday to hop on a plane (back to commercial airline travel) to Sacramento to rejoin the George Strait tour. It was great being home with my dog, Dixie, and the rest of my family, but I never argue with going back on the road. After all, it feels more like home than home now.

California was great. The crowds rule but their roads suck. I bounced all over the place during the drives. It felt like Marshall, my driver, was going mudding off-road.

Fresno was a really cool venue. My new friend Jill, who works for the tour promoter, sets up a dressing room for me at each show with candles and drapes and fun stuff. You might think my days are so glamorous but backstage areas are usually dingy and dull with bad lighting. It sure is nice on this tour to have a space to be in with some style and personality. It reminds me that I'm a girl…I sometimes forget that riding around with smelly guys all the time.

VEGAS, BABY. VEGAS. Yeah, this is one show that might deserve a little more than a few lines. My mom and her crew came in for this show and some of my band had family around. We played the MGM Grand which is like the mecca of entertainment. We played a really great show, Scotty played his butt off that night.

After the show, however, is where the fun REALLY started. I went to Coyote Ugly with a bunch of the band, my parents, friend Tony, some people from the George Strait tour and some of the folks from Sony. What is it they say about Vegas? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? That's all I'm going to say.

We finally made our way back to the Grand where we stood around and relived the nights moments until our 4 a.m. departure. Somehow, around 3:30 a.m., we convinced Willard (George's lighting guy) that it would be a smart idea for him to get on our bus and come to Los Angeles and San Diego with us instead of going home. We met him when he was out with Dierks Bentley -- he's a good dude. So we loaded Willard and the boys and headed west, finally wrapping the night up around 4:15 a.m.

OUCH. That's the word that describes the morning after Vegas. They don't show you that part in those damn Vegas commercials!

So we started our load-in in Los Angeles at 9 a.m. When I asked Alex how he felt, all he could muster was "Bad. Real Bad." I think he spoke for all of us. So we played the show in the afternoon for WalMart.com (it will air on their website in a few weeks) and then headed to a hotel for a much needed nap. I really didn't think I could make it through that day.

Now [Feb. 6] I'm sitting backstage in San Diego waiting to go on-stage. I'm playing tonight with Ronnie Milsap, Andy Griggs, and Tracy Byrd for a US 95.7 radio thing. I love that station, they rock... and they play me a lot which might be why! It always feels great doing shows like this because you get to listen to other artists you like and the crowd LOVES it -- and they scream really loudly. I've got to run now, but I'll let you know how the show goes next week.

Until then…


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