Alkaline Trio

Preparing to begin a European tour is fraught with distractions and potential peril.

As Alkaline Trio prepared to begin its European tour, the band agreed to contribute a weekly Tour Diary to The group opens the trek Feb. 17 in Milan and will be there through a Feb. 26 show in Liverpool, England. An Australian trip will follow in early March, with U.S. dates slated to begin with a March 18 set at the Global Gathering in Miami.

Drummer Derek Grant contributes the first entry below:

Matt and I flew from our prospective time zones to meet Dan at the Fortress of Solitude. The plan is to lock ourselves in a room with some instruments for three days, and dig up some old songs.

In-between fits of eating at our favorite restaurants we actually get some work done.

An altercation outside of a bar threatens to bring our expedition to an early close, nothing a firm grip to the throat doesn't remedy.

Now, we're homeward bound with barely enough time to throw some possessions in a bag and grab the next flight to Milan.

I'm looking forward to looking back with everyone.