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Answers to readers' questions about Prince, Sade, Enya and Andrew Seeley.


Hi Keith

I just recently read online about a new Prince 'best of' album coming out this year. Is this confirmed? What is the tracklist? Will it feature any unreleased material? Does this mean we might be on our way to having Prince's Warner Bros' albums re-released and remastered?


David Russell
Los Angeles

Hi David,

Prince's "Ultimate" collection will be released March 14 through Rhino. The two-disc set features many of Prince's most famous singles, including "When Doves Cry," "Purple Rain," "I Wanna Be Your Lover," "1999" and "Diamonds and Pearls." It also boasts out-of-print remixes of "Let's Go Crazy," "She's Always in My Hair," "Cream," "U Got the Look" and more.

Interestingly, when the set was first announced a few weeks ago, the track list was different. It originally included "Purple Medley," the 12" version of the classic "Erotic City," "Sexy MF" and the acoustic version of "7." The track list has now been revised, dropping those four tracks in favor of "Delirious," the original version of "7" and the special dance mix of "Let's Work." (I have to say, I'm disappointed to see "Erotic City" dropped from the lineup.)

Here is the "Ultimate" track list:

Disc one:
"I Wanna Be Your Lover"
"When Doves Cry"
"I Would Die 4 U"
"Purple Rain"
"Sign 'O' the Times"
"I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man"
"Alphabet St."
"Diamonds And Pearls"
"Gett Off"
"Money Don't Matter 2 Night"
"Nothing Compares 2 U"
"My Name Is Prince"

Disc two:
"Let's Go Crazy" Special Dance Mix
"Little Red Corvette" Dance Remix
"Let's Work" Dance Remix
"Pop Life" Fresh Dance Mix
"She's Always In My Hair" 12" Version
"Raspberry Beret" 12" Version
"Kiss" Extended Version
"U Got The Look" Long Look
"Hot Thing" Extended Remix
"Thieves in the Temple" Remix
"Cream" N.P.G. Mix


Hi Keith,

I know that you must get tons of letters every week, so I hope you don't mind if I try this one again!

There are two artists out there who continue to amaze me with their consistency and longevity. They both resurface every few years, drop an album that quietly goes platinum and then they go away. Neither does much publicity and both have managed to have strong fan bases and platinum selling albums almost every time out. And you never hear a peep out of either of them!

I'm talking about Enya and Sade. I would love to know their albums' SoundScan totals (in both cases, could you provide their pre-1991 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certifications as well?). I think they both should be commended for a rarity in this business -- putting out quality music and pretty much letting only that music speak for them. Imagine that?


Greg Phelan
Los Angeles

Hello Greg,

Sade and Enya both have sold quite handsomely since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991. In 15 years time, the two artists have sold a combined 39 million albums in the United States, and Enya accounts for more than 24 million alone.

Here is the rundown of the two ladies' album sales in America. For those titles that pre-date SoundScan's establishment in 1991, I have included both the title's Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certification and its sales since 1991 according to SoundScan.

As a reminder, RIAA's platinum certification indicates 1 million units shipped to U.S. retailers

Sade (Pre-SoundScan albums)
Title (Release Date, RIAA Certification, SoundScan Sales)
"Diamond Life" (1985, 4x platinum, 983,000)
"Promise" (1986, 4x platinum, 956,000)
"Stronger Than Pride" (1988, 3x platinum, 1.1 million)

Sade (Post-SoundScan albums)
Title (Release Date, SoundScan Sales)
"Love Deluxe" (1992, 3.4 million)
"The Best of Sade" (1994, 4.0 million)
"Lovers Rock" (2000, 3.8 million)
"Lovers Live" (2002, 562,000)

Enya (Pre-SoundScan albums)
Title (Release Date, RIAA Certification, SoundScan Sales)
"Enya/The Celts" (1988, 2.2 million; "Enya" and "The Celts" are essentially the same album, but with different titles. Each has been certified platinum.)
"Watermark" (1988, 4x platinum, 3.8 million)

Enya (Post-SoundScan albums)
Title (Release Date, SoundScan Sales)
"Shepherd Moons" (1991, 4.6 million)
"The Memory of Trees" (1995, 2.4 million)
"Paint the Sky With Stars - The Best of Enya" (1997, 3.3 million)
"A Day Without Rain" (2000, 6.8 million)
"Only Time - The Collection" (2002, 60,000)
"Amarantine" (2005, 1 million)


Dear Keith,

Us chart-trackers are puzzled with the single "Breaking Free" that had a one-week stay in the top 10 on The Billboard Hot 100 a few weeks ago. When it made its historic entry into the top 10, it was credited to Zac Efron & Vanessa Anne Hudgens. However, a week later, as it dropped out of the top 10 to No. 19, Andrew Seeley's name was added to the line-up.

Does this mean that Andrew Seeley can claim this as his first top 10 hit, or does it not count for him since his name wasn't listed on the billing during its stay in the top 10. Why did this addition of names happen?

Thanks always,

Heather Hansen
Pine Island, Fla.

Hello Heather,

Though Andrew Seeley's name was added to the chart entry for "Breaking Free," from the "High School Musical" soundtrack, after it fell out of the top 10, he will still get credit for a top 10 hit (as well as its record-setting jump into the top 10).

It's not terribly unusual for Billboard to revise the credits on a chart, though this was a higher profile revision than usual.

Seeley's name was added to "Breaking Free" as he is one of the vocalists on the song. None of this takes away from Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens' achievements -- as both have also earned top 10 hits.