The Living Things

Back on the road in Detroit and another encounter with border patrol.


After two days off at the Holiday Inn catchin' up on a week's worth of sleep and finally eatin' a meal that you didn't have to finish in five minutes and wasn't Wonder Bread and Peter Pan, I caught a couple five dollar films at the mega giant cineplex.

Friday morning I made my last cup of coffee from the tasty Mr. Coffee. I think by that point we were all brought back to life and ready to get in the van and drive down the freeway and through the farmland of western Ohio to the mecca of Detroit.

St. Andrews Hall seemed like salvation for all... the place was like an old palace in the middle of the city... the smell of history filled the ballroom... the drums pounded and the guitars were rude. We were pushed out by 11 because of the Friday night Hip Hop THROW DOWN!!

Back into the White Storm as we speed down the 401 towards Montreal. Oh, I almost forgot about getting' stopped by the border cops again... as we stood outside, they wasted their time rummaging through our orange peels and four-day-old slurrpy cups imbedded in the carpet of the van.

They came up empty handed... ha....

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