Weezer Teases Return to Studio: Watch

Though the band was highly prolific toward the latter part of last decade, releasing four full-lengths and one compilation album from 2005-2010, Weezer has remained fairly dormant since "Death to False Metal" dropped in 2010 -- though it's maintained a touring regimen, including its annual Weezer Cruise, held earlier this year.

However, the four-piece has teased the potential for new material often over the last three years -- and now, it appears the band may have something to show for it, reports Rolling Stone.

In a 20-second clip posted today (March 19), Weezer announced its return to the recording studio. Titled simply by using the band's official =w= logo, it's a video effects-heavy affair, featuring small parts of what appears to be two separate songs. In particular, the songs seem to indicate a return to the crunching guitars for which the rock act was originally known, prior to departing slightly from its original formula on more recent releases.

The video ends with a quick shot of frontman Rivers Cuomo, before transitioning to a black screen and the words "in the studio now."

During last month's Weezer Cruise, the band previewed "Back to the Shack," a new song, which includes the lyric, "Maybe I should play the lead guitar and Pat should play the drums" -- directly referencing the band's more recent penchant for Cuomo to act as a guitar-less frontman and longtime drummer Wilson to replace him on guitar. Esteemed session drummer Josh Freese had taken Wilson's spot behind the drumkit.

According to an Alternative Press article last year, the band is convening in the studio with Ric Ocasek, who helmed its first two self-titled releases -- known by fans as "The Blue Album" and "The Green Album."

The band's last LP, "Hurley," hit No. 6 on the Billboard 200 upon its 2010 release.