Petition Decries Lady Gaga's SXSW Performance for 'Glamorizing Bulimia'

Lady Gaga
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Lady Gaga performs at Stubbs Bar-B-Q on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Turns out Demi Lovato isn't the only one left feeling a little uneasy after Lady Gaga's South By Southwest performance last week, during which she was vomited on. A new petition has been enacted since calling for the pop star to stop, as it says, "glamorizing bulimia."

The petition, posted on Care2 and authored by Chris Wolverton, was created in light of March's Eating Disorder Awareness Week. "Pop star Lady Gaga once struggled with bulimia," the petition states, "but now she is glamorizing the eating disorder."

Last Thursday, Gaga performed on Doritos' Bold Stage at SXSW in Austin -- and during one segment, during which she sang "ARTPOP" cut "Swine," British performing artist Millie Brown vomited green and black liquid onto the singer multiple times before Gaga finished the set with the liquid still covering her body.

"This stunt was clearly intended to be provocative, tasteless and to create a media buzz around Lady Gaga," the petition continues. "She has pulled similar stunts in the past, for example when she wore meat and fur garments to provoke animal rights supporters. But in this case, she should be more sensitive, having suffered from bulimia in the past. Hundreds of young women die from eating disorders every year, and many of her fans are at an age where women begin to develop these disorders. Lady Gaga needs to recognize the damage she could cause with these types of stunts."

In closing, the petition notes that backers would like for Gaga "to end her professional relationship with Millie Brown and to stop using imagery that could trigger fans struggling with eating disorders!"

At press time, the petition had nearly reached its goal of 10,000 signatures, with over 9,300 backers voicing their support.

Lovato had similar concerns shortly after the performance last week. "As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eat disorders already," Lovato, who has struggled with eating disorders and addiction in the past, tweeted. "Bottom line, it's not "cool" or "artsy" at all."

Brown, meanwhile, defended her performance in an interview with MTV posted yesterday morning. "I can understand why people would make that association, but my performance really is not a statement about eating disorders themselves," Brown said. "It's like using my body to express myself. I think a lot of people understand that I'm not trying to punish myself and my body in that way." She also noted that she believed the performance "actually affected a lot of people in a positive way rather than negative."

Gaga has neither responded in public to the petition nor to Lovato's comments.