Courtney Love Sued by Psychiatrist for 'Breach of Contract'

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
December 21: Courtney Love and guitarist Billy Morrison perform during the Camp Freddy holiday residency at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA 

Courtney Love can't seem to stay out of the courtroom.

According to SPIN, the Hole frontwoman is being sued by a psychiatrist for nearly $50,000, plus interest and attorney's fees -- all dating back to 2010.

Dr. Edwin Ratush, who's based in New York City, has not given a specific reason for the lawsuit aside from noting that it's from a "Breach of Contract, Account Stated, Money Due and Owing, and Unjust Enrichment."

Jury: Courtney Love Tweet Not Defamatory

The singer now has to respond to the summons within the next few weeks, else she'll be forced to pay the entire amount without question.

Love just finished up a defamation case last month, a case she won. A judge ruled that she shouldn't be held liable a tweet she directed at her former attorney in 2009, alleging that attorney Rhonda Holmes was "bought off."

Love has not yet released a statement on the matter.