Long Island hopefuls head out on its first tour in advance of the band's first album.

Heyyy readers. This is our first blog entry on and we're psyched to be able to come here and let you all know what's going on in Bandcamp world. We've had an eventful couple of days....

We kicked off the first night of our first tour on Friday night at Live Trax, a club on Long Island right near where we grew up. Was great to see friends and fans who have been supporting us for so long. We had a blast with some sing alongs and dancing! Our booking agent Steve Brush took us all out for dinner afterwards to continue our little kick off party... cept we forgot to tell him we were coming with 14 people... (Thanks buddy!)

Got up super early on Saturday and drove to our first stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pretty cool city and the Cambodian food was mmmmmm. We played the Rex Theater which is an awesome club on the main strip. Lots of cool bands from in and around town were on the bill. Made a ton of new friends and fans and then partied like the rockstars we are by getting a good night's sleep!

The next day we headed to Baltimore. It has become one of my favorite cities. I love the harbor area and everyone is super friendly. The club was called the Recher Theater. Seems like the place to play when it comes to bmore. Never met such nice staff members in my life.

Kids came out from Towson College including one fan who told us something that caught us all off guard. He is going to be the first person to get the BANDCAMP logo as a tattoo. Trust me, we tried to convince him it wasn't a good idea... and we know he'll be heartbroken when we change our logo next week ;). Just kidding. But seriously... It seems like he's going through with it so hopefully we'll have pictures in a few days. Crazy!!!

Next stop: New Jerzzzzey. Woohoo.

So I am having a blast so far on our tour. Played three nights in a row and had an amazing response every night. It's so cool to play in front of new people and to watch their faces light up when they get into the music.

We had a great show on Sunday at the Recher Theater in Maryland. It was probably one of my favorite places to play. Great room with an awesome sound system. The staff and the whole vibe was so cool. I can't wait to get back there for another show. We are headed back to Long Island for a day off, then we are going out to new jersey to play the Bloomfield Ave. Cafe.

So now I'm going to take a nap 'cause me and Sean stayed up late last night... watching "Hellboy" on cable. Wow we are such crazy party animals.

First off, let's get one thing straight - if you ever need to go to the airport in Pittsburgh, make sure you know which one it is. Turns out there's three of them in the area. After our show, I met a friend who recently moved there. She took me to a party her friends were having.Once it was time to get back to the hotel, we jumped into her car and we headed out. She brought me over by the airport, looked at the hotel and said, "Here it is." To which I responded, "That's a Hilton, I'm at a Holiday Inn." We spent the next hour driving around Pittsburgh, finally getting lucky on our third try at finding the hotel that's across the street from the airport.

We are three days into the Terra Tour. This is our first time out on the road for an extended run. We have been out as far as Milwaukee before and for as long as a week. This time we are playing 20 shows in three weeks.

The first show was amazing. Kicking off the tour, we played in Long Island, our hometown. We drew a crowd that consisted of dedicated fans. It's a truly amazing feeling when you play for a crowd that knows all your lyrics and sometimes sings louder than the band. It's moments like this one that can keep me motivated to be persistent at working hard in the face of all the adversity any new band faces in the pursuit of success.

We also had the privilege of sharing the stage w/ our friends in Lola Ray. It's always a pleasure to see them perform. They are amazing musicians and their songs always touch me.

We left at 5 a.m. after this show to drive 8 hours to Pittsburgh. Upon arriving at the venue, we where confronted w/ a time change in the set order. We where scheduled to perform at 9 pm opening for the drawing local. Instead of getting the opportunity to play for all of their fans, we went on earlier for a slightly smaller crowd. We still rocked so hard that literally everyone who was there bought merch from us. We also had a great myspace response from the show and added lots of new fans who requested to be our friends.

We are learning that on the road, at our level, it is very likely that things don't always go as planned. It's important to deal w/ unexpected changes in a way that will leave us getting the most out of any situation. Set times change, money may not always be what was promised, but there is always a way to leave the situation coming out ahead.