The Living Things

Bat weilding weirdos and a police presence in the Lone Star State.

Waco, Texas - March 20

Today was a drive day, but never a dull day.

Sittin' in the van all day lookin' out my window at sprawling Texas, I was gettin' hungry so we stopped for some food and almost got beat... no joke. I guess this guy thought we should not have stopped at "his" jack in a box. As we were getting ready to pull out of the lot, the lumberjack jumped out of his truck with a bat and started to take swings at us, screaming out things that you would expect from a man whose windshield reads "striker" and his plates say "slugger."

We jumped in the van... he pulled up in front of us and wouldn't let us out of the lot and was gettin' ready to smash in our headlights when the kid workin' the drive thru said, through the little drive thru order box, "Hey man, what the f*** are you doin'?" He walked away and we hit the gas and got outa there. Was this guy the Jesus of the parking lot? I think this wacko needs to stop eatin' curly fries and find a life...

Houston - March 22 (Walter's on Washington)

The day began right... waking up to the smell of the hot breakfast from the Quality Inn's lobby. I had pancakes, which hit the spot for a rainy morning in Texas.

After falling back to sleep in a syrup coma to the sound of rain drops slamming against my third floor window, I awoke in time to head down to the club and soundcheck. I was fiending for a smoke so I went across the street to a liquor store. Elvis must have walked in with me because everyone in there looked like they had just seen a ghost as I pushed through door that made a jingle. I got my suicide sticks and the man behind the bullet proof glass said he liked my hat.

I crossed the street back to where the people didn't think I looked like a strange cat were hangin' out... I gathered up everyone and went down to get some fresh pasta that was great. After penne and wine we made our way into the club and played our first full show in a week. It felt good.

After the gig I was taken down to the Wednesday night hang out and spun records of my choice. The place was packed and the people were ready to dance... we lit that place up. The cops came in but just stood in the corner. I kept dedicating songs to Houston's finest... they kept getting' real red in the face. They should have been on the floor... dancin' on all fours...