Little Steven's Underground Garage

Arctic Monkeys and Willie Nile lead Little Steven's 'Cool' charts this week.

WELCOME FELLOW FREAKS, misfits, and outcasts -- this week the Underground Garage celebrates the debut of its fifth season (and they said it wouldn't last!) To celebrate we're going on the road for three shows in Florida this week all sponsored by the Hard Rock Cafe and Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

The show is a great cross section of American Garage featuring the Romantics (Detroit), the Fleshtones (New York), the Charms (Boston), the Shazam (Nashville), and the Forty-Fives (Athens). The bands are known as being among the best live performers in the world but each also has released their best album ever in the last year or two.

The dates are Orlando Hard Rock Live, Wednesday (March 29), St. Petersburg Grand Prix Seminole Hard Rock Stage the morning of April 1 and an afternoon Bikini Beach Party poolside Sunday (April 2) at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. I'll be there hosting with the Garage Girls A Go-Go. So come on out and wear a bikini.

Arctic Monkeys, the Len Price 3, Ray Davies (and Zombina, who just dropped off the chart) are mounting a bit of a new British Invasion which is refreshing after 25 years of dance/ pop/ new romantic/ angst inclined/ art rock.

The Len Price 3 continues to impress us with their latest classic album. If you're looking for an example of what defines Garage Rock look no further, it's them.

Meanwhile America got their first look at the new Monkeys on "Saturday Night Live." It will be interesting to see what happens, but it's safe to assume America's response won't be as dramatic as England's (where it ranks as the fastest-selling debut of all-time). Has Oasis ever really broken here? Does America get excited about anything anymore?

The answer is maybe, but we all have to get used to a permanently fragmented world where success will happen but in a much more limited way.

So keep your standards high and expectations (and costs) low and we'll be alright.

The Rock and Roll rebirth is on baby!


(Coolest Song In The World This Week)

2. "Walk Of Fame," Boink! (Teenacide)
3. "Welcome To My Head," Willie Nile (00:02:59)
4. "Chinese Burn," The Len Price 3 (Laughing Outlaw)
5. "All She Wrote," Ray Davies (V2)
6. "Galaxy Gramophone," The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Warner Bros.)
7. "Razorblade," The Strokes (RCA)
8. "One Day," The Vacancies (Blackheart)
9. "She Cried," The Lords Of Altamont (Gearhead)
10. "Happy," Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes (Leyroy)



2. "Other People's Lives," Ray Davies (V2)
3. "First Impressions Of Earth," The Strokes (RCA)
4. "Hey! It's A Teenacide Pajama Party!" Various Artists (Teenacide)
5. "Chinese Burn," The Len Price 3 (Laughing Outlaw)
6. "A Present From The Past," The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Warner Bros.)
7. "Children Of Nuggets," Various Artists (Rhino)
8. "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," Arctic Monkeys (Domino)
9. "A Beat Missing Or A Silence Added," The Vacancies (Blackheart)
10. "Into The Harbour," Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes (Leyroy)