Sundance 2014: Rose McGowan Talks Directorial Debut 'Dawn', Sings 'Fever'

Lance Skundrich/FilterlessCo

Rose McGowan at Sundance, January 17, 2014 in Park City, UT

Actress Rose McGowan recently debuted a project that finds her playing a completely different role: director. Her film “Dawn” premiered at Sundance 2014 days ago. On Friday (Jan. 17), Rose stopped by the Sonos Home Theater Lounge to chat with Billboard.

"Dawn" is set in 1961 and about the societal constraints placed on women of the era. “Over 8,100 people submitted [to Sundance],” McGowan says of the humbling feeling she got when she found out it got in. “And 12 got into the narrative competition. To be a part of that is mind-blowing.”

When she is acting, Rose mentioned that she does use music to get her in the zone—Pearl Jam’s “Black” being a track that she’s had on repeat on numerous occasions.

In addition to acting, Rose has a bit of a hidden talent with singing. Though she’s sung on soundtracks before, she teased us by cooing that she “would love to take a ‘Never knew how I much I love you’ and do a remix of it and bring it to the club.” The song in question, of course, is Peggy Lee’s oft-covered 1958 “Fever.”

Once on TV show “Charmed,” McGowan is set to star in the third season of Crackle’s “Chosen.” “I’m an assassin,” she says of her role. “Which is great fun. I love killing people. Not in real life. But you can get out a lot of pent up aggression.”

It’s a funny contradiction to who Rose is off-camera. “I’m like this delicate little body,” she notes. “But my brain is like, ‘I’ll mess you up!’ I’m having fun.”

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