Sundance 2014: Watch Steve Aoki & Lil Jon's Wild Cake-Throwing Park City Live Set

Lance Skundrich/FilterlessCo

Steve Aoki and Lil Jon performs at Park City Live on January 19, 2014 in Park City, UT.

Cake flew. Champagne flowed. Rafts surfed the crowd. Aoki & Lil Jon rocked.

“A-O-Ki! A-O-Ki! A-O-Ki!” That’s how the chants went even before dance titan Steve Aoki hit the stage at Utah’s Park City Live on Sunday (Jan. 19). So when he got on at midnight, the crowd was beyond ready.

For what? Well, the music, of course. But also, his wild antics. Usually, confetti shooting out is the highlight of an EDM show. Steve’s sets are way crazier than that.

Champagne is spewed. Cake is thrown smack-dab at a few faces. Lil Jon turned up. An inflatable raft floats over the crowd. And there’s more. Watch the clip and find out just how crazy a Steve Aoki show is.

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