Sundance 2014: Kaskade and Skylar Grey Get Utah Dancing

Lance Skundrich/FilterlessCo

Skylar Grey performs at Park City Live on January 17, 2014 in Park City, UT

Before we talk Kaskade, first let's start with how crammed Utah’s Park City Live was on Friday (Jan. 18) night. 

The venue, on its second night hosting its concert series during Sundance 2014, was so packed that body heat was way more powerful than any warmth a machine could provide the once chilly PCL. It was so full that even the gorgeous women that took the last flight from Vegas, dressed to the nines and ready to party, couldn't get past the ropes.

Those who did make it in to the sold-out affair were more than thankful for not being one of the many turned away at the door. Kaskade hit the stage at midnight, flanked by indigo lighting provided by the digital boards. 

With an arsenal of bass-rattling cuts on his laptop, Kaskade made PCL feel more like an EDM-fueled Sin City club. Strobe lights shot all over. Fog crept throughout the venue. 

Many may not fully "get" the DJ as a headliner craze. But if there's one thing to know, it's that the energy of an EDM DJ-helmed show is insanely high. Whether it's adrenaline, drugs, mixed drinks, or a cocktail of all three, dance music fans may be the only bunch that attend shows not to just watch, but to, you know dance! The crowd spent the entire night on the balls of their feet—leaping, fist-pumping and vibing out.

Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey joined Kaskade on stage for their “Room for Happiness (Fire)” collab as fans in the audience passed around an inflated dinosaur. By night’s end, champagne sprayed and confetti rained as “Atmosphere”  rang.

Grey and Kaskade’s pairing served as a reminder that the two toured a bit together last fall. Skylar joined him for the last few dates of his “Atmosphere” tour.

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