Sundance 2014: Watch O.A.R. Rock Park City Live

Lance Skundrich/Filterless Co.

O.A.R. performs at Park City Live in Park City, UT on January 16, 2014

O.A.R. was the headliner Thursday (Jan. 16) at Park City Live during the 2014 Sundance film festival, and the band kicked things off with their old favorite, “This Town.” Their rock set was versatile, featuring a brief riff of Outkast’s “Spottieottiedopaliscious” and several saxophone solos. Watch them perform "Hey Girl," with special guest John Popper, below:

Earlier in the day, O.A.R. members Marc Roberge and Jerry DePizzo sat down with Billboard for an interview at the Sonos Home Theater Lounge and explained what the feel of the group's forthcoming album will be. Led by the single “Peace,” the as-yet-untitled set was recorded in Nashville, and its purpose is to bring the comfort of home to mind.

“[It’s like] when you go to your hometown for Thanksgiving and you’re around such familiar faces that you haven’t seen in years,” Roberge says, “but it just picks up right when you left off. That’s the entire emotion of this album — trying to create and explain that feeling.”


Jerry DePizzo added that after sneaking some new songs into a playlist while he was “bro’ing out” with about 15 friends, he knows this is “a record to be enjoyed by a group.”

Their show in the evening continued with favorites "Not For Me,” "Black Rock," and reggae-tinged “Night Shift” before one band member broke free from the lyrics to say, “This shit is fun!” The evening, indeed, was a blast.

Later during “Delicate Few,” Blues Traveler's John Popper popped out for a surprise harmonica solo to the crowd’s delight. Matisyahu also returned to the stage after rocking it earlier in the evening.

That closed the evening, but there’s plenty more shows to come at Park City Live, including 2 Chainz on Saturday night.

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