Sundance 2014: Watch Matisyahu Perform at Park City Live, Discuss 'Akeda' Album

Lance Skundrich/Filterless Co.

Matisyahu performs at Park City Live in Park City, UT on January 16, 2014

"Welcome to Sundance," Matisyahu said as he took his seat to open the concert series at Park City Live during Sundance 2014 on Jan. 16. His time on stage was extremely relaxed, with two guitarists by his side. ‘Yahu began with “Crossroads,” a pensive cut that finds him both rapping and singing. Watch him perform "One Day" below:

During the day, Matis stopped by the Sonos Home Theater Lounge to chat with Billboard and revealed the name of his upcoming album.

“I have a record that's coming out in the spring,” he began. “It’s called ‘Akeda.’ It’s music that is very personal—probably more so than other music that I’ve made in the past. It’s very emotional.”

He also explained that “Akeda” should have a refreshing, unfamiliar feel for fans that have followed him.

“This one is a little more alive,” he says. “It’s got the live band. And [it’s] a little more gritty. It’s probably a little bit darker than my fans are used to from me. I think people will appreciate that.”

As fans are already familiar with, Matisyahu's music is a hybrid of reggae and hip-hop. He beatboxed a bit at Park City on “Searching,” the only kind of percussion his time up there featured.

“Running Away” and “One Day” were the most island-inspired songs, which is fitting since the latter transitioned into Bob Marley’s 1974 classic “No Woman, No Cry”—wrapping his performance.  "Peace out," he said as he strolled off the stage.

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