Taylor Swift Collaborating Again for Fifth Album: 'I See It as an Apprenticeship'

Lester Cohen/WireImage

Taylor Swift accepts the Artist of the Year award onstage during the 2013 American Music Awards on November 24, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

"It's gotten to the point where each one is a reinvention," Swifts says of her albums

"Red" sparked Taylor Swift to reach out to prominent writers to expand her musical palette and she intends to keep making those calls for the follow-up.

"I'm really loving collaboration right now," Swift told Billboard during a quick stop in Los Angeles to support her song "Sweeter Than Fiction" from the film "One Chance." "I see it as a bit of an apprenticeship. I want to be around people who love writing songs and have done it for years. Every time I'm in a studio I'm learning, like how to build a drum track, and getting a new perspective on things. It's so thrilling to keep learning on your fifth album.

"As soon as (an album) comes out I'm figuring out what the next one will be. It's gotten to the point where each one is a reinvention, which is what I like best. I like it when it sounds new and people don't know where you're going to go next."

Swift flew to L.A. to attend the Society of Composers and Lyricists' holiday gala on Dec. 18 fresh off the conclusion of a stadium tour of Australia. "Sweeter Than Fiction," her end-credits song for the story about "Britain's Got Talent" winner Paul Potts, received a Golden Globe nomination on Dec. 12; she is also up for four Grammys.

After the Weinstein Co. screened the film for Swift she started writing a song from Potts' wife's perspective. Once she had a lyrical hook and a working title, she collaborated with fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff to finish writing the song and produce it. It is only the second song she has written for a film and she figures there's good reason to do more.

"I think it's a bit of a relief to take the focus off of my own life," she says. "It can get pretty intense writing (personal) details -- that's a very vulnerable place to put yourself in. But there's a specific type of thrill you get from that recounting of your life. There's a different kind of thrill you get hoping you have accurately portrayed someone else's emotions that you're seeing so well done by these actors, James Corden and Mackenzie Crook. The actors did such a great job it was fairly easy to get inside their heads."