Despite the rigors of the road, there's still time to appreciate the plight of the less fortunate.

Well we're three days into our tour with Poison The Well right now. Our first date in South Carolina was a pretty good start to the tour, but by the time we arrived for day two in Richmond, Va., things were in full swing.

We played back-to-back nights at Alley Katz in Richmond and the shows were insane. It feels good to finally be back in a smaller club where kids can see on stage and you can see into their eyes and connecting with them instead of hoping that your energy is reaching past 25 security guards and the 20 foot barricade.

I spent a short bit of time with some homeless dudes in Richmond. One was named Otis, and the others I can't seem to remember. I've always been bad with names.

It's amazing how many people write someone off due to the fact that they don't look clean or "presentable." If we as a human race could just learn to accept and understand people with different circumstances than us, we would be a much happier and fulfilled world. You don't know how much 10 minutes of your time and a sandwich or two can do for someone's day. Whether it be homeless people, homosexual people, Christians, Muslims, black or white people... we all have a stereotype of a certain group of people that needs to be expelled from our minds and hearts.

I hope, regardless of what yours is, you can attempt to look past it and love people for the simple fact that they breathe, sweat and bleed the same as you. The only walls preventing us from living in harmony are the walls we put up because we're afraid of change. It's time for change.