This trip "has honestly been some of the best dude time," according to keyboardist Chris Dudley.

So we have been on tour for about a week and a half now with Poison The Well, As Cities Burn and Spitfire and it has honestly been some of the best dude time that we have had on tour with other bands. From the first night, we could tell that it was going to be great.

We have had time out with As Cities Burn before, but other than them, we are meeting the majority of the tour for the first time and I can already tell we are going be bummed as crap to see them all go at the end of the tour.

On top of all the bro downtime, the shows have been amazing. Spending the last year-and-a-half or so playing places that had more of a "concert" feel than an actual show, it has been great doing this tour and getting back into places that are hot as crap, cramped at times and just have a rad feel to them. Some of the places on this tour we either have never played, or we haven't played in years and that’s been great because the people in those towns are just sooo stoked which makes the show that much better.

We are also meeting up with our good friends in Since By Man in a few days (who will be taking Spitfire's place for the last half of the tour) and everyone in our camp is really looking forward to that because we have been on tour with them a few times before and they friggin' rule. I am already dreading the end of this tour!!

So to everyone who has been to one of the shows on this tour, thanks so much for making it great, and to everyone who is planning a trip out, we look forward to seeing you and hanging!!!

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