"The amount of life that gets crammed into these tours is astounding," says bassist Jeff James.

Hello world. Here we are again seeing America from the perspective of perpetual motion. We have done seven shows, gone from the south to the north, and stopped for nothing.

The amount of life that gets crammed into these tours is astounding. I have walked through blazing heat for 10 miles in a quest to jump in the ocean, fallen in love, thrown up in an alleyway, eaten BBQ in North Carolina and felt the power of music. We have seen old friends and made new ones. Most importantly we are doing some special things musically.

Our fans on this tour have been incredible. You know this is our second album and we had a year where we did not really do much except make the new record. So, I had no idea who or how many people would show up for this our first headlining tour on the new album. But, they have been awesome and spurred us on to new heights of energy. It has been very encouraging.

We started in Orlando at the Social which is a special club for us. We have played there on every tour we have done practically and always had a great time. Then the names start flying by: Miami, Gainesville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Lexington, Chicago, Cincinnati -- all unique but incredibly similar.

Something is clearly going on though, the crowds have been so willing. Like a snowball collecting, getting bigger. The opposite of the ice caps. We will just have to sustain this momentum. I have seen the future. "Uh Oh Hello" is gonna be a big summer hit. Aside from any mysticism it would make perfect sense.

I am obsessed with "Lost," the TV show. It occupies an amazing amount of my thoughts and I see connections everywhere in everyday life. I often dream of the island and the mysteries. Take for example my favorite new record. It is by a band called Lansing-Dreiden. It is so great this record with a couple of should be hit singles, but of course it sounds way too vibey for radio.

Anyways, the record is called the "Divided Island." It has songs that could totally fit "Lost." One of the songs and the first single is called "A Line You Can Cross." If that is not art imitating life imitating art then I don't know what is. Mind blowing. If anyone is reading this please check out L-D, they are amazing.

Till next time. All my love.

Jeff James

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